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"Full-on, fearsome rock 'n' roll, the next great band fans of Rockpile and Creedence have been crying out for" - Terry Staunton (Uncut)

The legendary Bill Kelly has given great support to The Rockerati by playing lots of tracks on WFMU on what is the longest running rock'n'roll radio programme in the USA. Big thanks also go out to Todd-o-phonic Todd Abramson on WFMU and Paul Cavalconte on WFUV, amongst others who really get what the band are doing...

On the debut album 'Waterloo Sunrise' David McCarthy and Michael Horsham, who write the songs, sing them and play guitars and basses, are joined by Justin Welch on drums. The result is a classic collection of rockin' gems that rival the best that Dave Edmunds and Nick Lowe came up with in their Rockpile years.

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★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"Original, over-driven rockers totally hit the spot"
Vive Le Rock

The Rockerati have won some wonderful plaudits from people who know really their stuff, including none other than Francis Rossi of Status Quo, who called the band 'rather pleasant" - and as anyone familiar with him will know, that is a rare five star recommendation from the man!

"They call it rock'n'roll and it is a rare animal in its own little corner of the musical zoo right now, an endangered species. it wasn't here for a long time, but it was here for a good time. Now, like a stone skipping across three decades, there is a new collective of British musicians who have formed what amounts to a minor league British supergroup. The Rockerati rule""
Paul Cavalconte WFUV

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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